March 27-31, 2023

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March 27-31, 2023

The Resilient Responder

Every day, around the clock, our nation’s first responders give it their all. The job is uniquely rewarding. It’s also uniquely challenging, with physical, mental and emotional impacts.

First Responder Wellness Week is dedicated to providing resources, support and community to help public safety personnel better understand the mental and physical health risks that come with the job.

Join Lexipol and our partners from March 27-31 to focus on your health and promote the wellness of your personnel. Each day we’ll focus on a different topic, providing shift briefing videos, webinars to explore issues in depth, and articles, podcasts and additional resources.

For too long, our focus in public safety has been on survival. During First Responder Wellness Week, let’s focus on thriving. Let’s become resilient responders.

Wellness Program Policies

Get access to sample copies of Lexipol’s Wellness Program policies for law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

Additional Wellness Resources

Access tips sheets, white papers and additional resources to keep Wellness Week going all year round.


Support Resiliency
Build a Culture of Wellness
Protect Your Personnel

Lexipol’s confidential wellness app can help put your agency at the forefront of wellness.

Wellness Week Resources

Access additional resources for use in your department, including tip sheets, wellness program sample policies, and more!

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